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Welcome to our Snorkeling Paradise in Playita Del Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico! We take immense pride in offering the finest Exclusive Snorkeling Tours and Snorkel Rentals in this stunning coastal haven. Imagine the thrill of swimming alongside magnificent creatures like Manatees, Turtles, and Rays in their natural habitat.

Playita Del Condado, a charming beachfront to a marine sanctuary near the iconic bridge in San Juan's vibrant Condado Area. Our location provides the ideal backdrop for aquatic adventures. Our exclusive permit ensures plenty of space for exploration without being crowded by others.

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Meet Our Team

Champion is the best business partner and friend anyone could ask for! He is the happiest 3 legged-dog that you will ever meet, So of course the company is named for him!

Before we moved to Puerto Rico, Jake [later named Champion] was involved in a car accident and required surgery. After his operation and recovery, he was adopted at a Humane Society in Colorado. Once we learned more about his journey, we agreed that “Champion” was a much better fit for his name. Champion and his owner moved to Puerto Rico in early 2020.

In early 2022, Champion suffered a spinal stroke and lost the use of his back two legs, leaving only the front leg functioning. We have started a Gofundme to help with his care and wheelchair fitting 🙂

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